Solidremote Remote Control PCB Boards Marking

As you may already know, every factory has its own PCB board marking for production purpose, and every remote control or receiver model may have different PCB marking if they’re using different transmitting or logic circuit or hardware, we have listed our most popular remote control and wireless receiver models PCB boards marking for your reference.

ATA PTX-4 compatible remote – A1 V2 / A1 V3 / A1 V4 / A1 V5 / A1 V6 / A1 V7

ATA PTX-5 compatible remote – C9 V1.0

BFT Mitto compatible remote – B1 V2 / B1 V3 / B1 V4 / A1 V7

Merlin M832 M842 compatible remote – C7 / C7 V2 / C9 V1.0

DITEC Gol4 compatible remote – C5 2012.03.20

Nice Flor-S compatible remote – C5 2012.03.20

Beninca To Go compatible remote – C5 2012.03.20

SR-RCD-M1 remote control duplicator – SR-COPY2 / Y2

SR-RCD-868 remote control duplicator – C8 2011.03.20

SR-RCS-202U 2-channel receiver – SR-RCS-202U V1.0 / SR-RCS-202U V2.0

You can see our marking revision has evolved along with product improvement, the latest revision always has the best performance and stability.