Merlin M832 / M842 Compatible Remote Technical Change

In our previous blog series, we have mentioned our SR-M1 has been undergoing some technical change to be better in remote range, to be on-par as genuine Merlin M832 remotes, and in this post, we will bring you some technical screenshot photos showing the change in comparison.

The following photo is taken using our old generation SR-M1 codename C7 V2.1 or C7 V2.0 – radio wave recorded using spectrum analyser.


The following photo is taken using our new generation SR-M1 universal board codename C9 V1.0 – radio wave recorded using spectrum analyzer.


From above photos, you can see the amplitude or signal strength of new SR-M1 is around one grid +1dB higher or stronger than old SR-M1 compatible garage remote.

In our field test conducted during last few weeks, using our compatible Merlin remote and original Merlin M832 receiver, old SR-M1 remote distance is around ~120m while our new SR-M1 remote distance is steady at ~180m, just same as genuine Merlin M832 remote controls.