RF Remote Control Transmitter FCC Lab Test – Documents Preparation

We will send 1pcs sample to our testing labs after finished prototype design, it is the most important for labs testing, but aside from working sample, we also need to prepare several documents as requirement by testing labs, as follows.

  • Circuit description, this is a short description of how the transmitter or receiver works, including transmitting frequency, supply voltage, working mechansim, application etc. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, just keep the documents concise would be fine.
  • Schematic diagram, this is schematic of EUT, pdf format is preferred when submit to testing labs.
  • BOM sheet, contains the components model, quantity, tolerance, brand, EOHS and other useful information required.
  • Gerber files, this can be export directly from EDA software, such as Protel / Altium or PowerPCB / Mentor Graphics suite.

The following documents are also required, this can be provided either by us or by testing labs.

  • Photos of circuit board, both sides required, usually we will use a scanner to make the photo as clear as possible.
  • Other photos to show pcb layout and components, this will need to use camera to take photos.

The above are all technical documents required by testing labs, although some of them are required after product initial testing is finished, but we would recommend prepare in advance to save time.

During test, FCC also require applicant to submit several non-technical documents such as authorization letter with signature, usually issued by technical chief of applicant, just work with testing labs would be fine.

Other certification test such as CE or ICASA also need similar documents, such as circuit description, pcb board photo, schematic designe etc, so better prepare them during testing to speed up progress.

Timeline – For this sample project, we will send the working sample to testing labs in Shenzhen China on Jun 23th, 2014 and we will post the follow up progress.