RF Remote Control Transmitter FCC Lab Test In Action

In the following days this month, we will pick one of our customer’s remote control development and FCC labs test progress as example, to show details of remote control FCC testing procedure and experience.

The project is a RF remote control transmitter working at 260 – 470Mhz range, the testing subject will need to meet requirement of FCC 15.231 for short range remote control devices, also the test is carried out in USA labs, we will list testing results on every stage, and show how we work with customer to fix the problem during product development, and finally get product passed authority regulatory compliance testing.

The whole process will be covered in several following posts, we will cover as many details as possible, including photos, graphs, tables, explanations and more, we wish it would help our customer understand what FCC labs testing would take, and how to speed up the development and testing progress.

Although we will only cover FCC ID labs testing this time, but the experience would be helpful in other tests, including CE R&TTE in Europe, RCM in Australia and ICASA in South Africa.