RF Remote Control Receiver Customization – Software Requirements Documentation

For non-standard development projects, which requires software customization, we always recommend customer to write a document summary, describing all the requirements, especially for more complex receiver customization projects.

The contents of requirement document can be concise and logical, so our engineer can easily understand the whole system logic, and program correct software in short time.

Here we attached a sample development document, which is software customization based on our SR-RCS-204U next generation receiver, the software is a bit complex since it involves 4 relays control logic, a timer and another input terminal as manual control, but we have completed the software development in time, thanks to excellent software req. documents.

Also since it has onboard timer control up to 6 hours, so we have designed receiver hardware with onboard crystal oscillator, to keep the timer as precise as possible, even after days of use.

Customization of the 204U receiver unit.pdf (59.53 kb)

We strongly recommend our customer check out the above sample document before receiver or transmitter software development project, so we can save a lot of time understanding what customer needs, and make sure the development progress work smoothly.