RF Remote Control Transmitter Development Project – PCB Board Design

Every RF remote control transmitter basically includes two parts, outside enclosure and inner circuit board, a good enclosure can make remote control look pleasing, while a good inner circuit board design make sure transmitter has good performance and stability, especially after long time using.

We have experienced engineer who has focused on remote control transmitter board for more than 10 years, and we have made more than 1 million remote control transmitter boards so far, the unique experience as manufacturer make sure we will consider every aspect of your project and make sure they work.

Now we can make RF remote control transmitter that covers major range in ISM band, from 315Mhz OOK transmitter to 915Mhz FSK transmitter, the wide range enable us to easily find a solution for your project application, for example, when using receiver to control DC motor load, we would recommend using FSK transmitter and receiver pair design, to make sure good operation distance under DC motor interference, and for other circumstances, such as regular RF transmitting, we will recommend our customer use 433Mhz OOK transmitter and receiver pair, to reduce cost if possible.

In some circumstances, customer has his own concern on operating frequency, for example, maybe the area has serious interference around certain frequency, we will work with customer to choose another frequency to proceed with project, to avoid possible problems in application.

The following photo shows just some of our RF remote control transmitter board designed for USA customers, using different design solutions / working principles.


One of above solution is using ordinary SAW resonator plus RF transistor design, which has frequency precision of +/- 75kHz, while another circuit design is using our latest PrecisionLock and DigitalTune technology, which ensures transmitter has +/- 25kHz of any given frequency, under normal operating temperature range, also we can adjust the output power rating digitally at step of 0.1dBm, this special design enables us to make superior remotes working at any given frequency, with optimal operating distance, the RF chip together with carefully designed surrounding components will achieve best transmit power at fundamental frequency, while reduce harmonics, these work together will enable FCC & CE lab testing easier and quicker, reduced lead time means reduced time to market, sometimes this is very important to customer.