Solidremote – Electronics Sourcing Agent in China

Solidremote provides quality product and on time service, we can communicate with foreign customers using email, skype messaging and telephones professionally, so your projects will be completed faster and without trouble, also we always use express courier services such as FedEx, UPS and DHL to assure rapid product delivery, in most cases, your product can be delivered in 7 – 10 days, or sometime even 2 – 3 days.


We are honest, responsible and professional businessmen who have rich experience in electronics manufacturing, that will help you in every step to bring your concept into real product, also you will find whole process controllable and will enjoy easy cooperation.

In general, Solidremote offers following services, including RF wireless remote control and receiver solutions, PCB manufacturing and assembly, also we can work as your agent for product manufacturing in China.

As for RF wireless remote control part, we have experience for many applications, for example car wireless entry, lighting control, solenoid wireless control and remote flash.

For example, we have solution that works with actuator or motor that has load current over 2A, as you may know, actuator or motor produces signal interference to to RF receiver part, especially under heavy load, when using many other regular solution, receiver may only work in very short distance or even not work at all, while we have solution that works as follows.

First, we will carefully design receiver PCB that will avoid interference, the basic concept is place RF receiver module circuit far away from interference signal source, as it will improve anti-jam performance.

Second, we will use anti-jam feature built-in receiver module, for example, superheterodyne receiver module works better than super-regenerative module in this circumstances, also FSK receiver module will work better than ASK receiver module.

Third, software is also important, since in some cases, excellent software fixes problem of interference as well with little extra cost.

In conclusion, we highly advise our customer to send detailed application to us, so we can work out a proper plan that works, usually we will recommend our customer use FSK receiver module if works with DC or AC motor, as it is the few option that works and provides excellent performance.

In addition to RF wireless remote control units, we can also manufacture and assemble devices consisting of multiple components, for example we can manufacture control board and other electronics device professionally, for example, PCB manufacturing and plastic mould to fabrication, following photo shows a plastic mould development project for customer in USA.


Also we can work as your sourcing agent in China, for example, when you have multiple businesses in China, you will have to contact different sellers and sometimes it would be difficult in communication, while choosing Solidremote as your agent in China will save all the trouble.

As local company, we are able to communicate with local companies better for your business project, and provide higher quality product at lower overall cost.

Solidremote is now general agent of several clients from USA, Canada and Europe, also we are business agents of many other worldwide clients, please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.