RF Remote Control Transmitter Development Project – Logo Design

When we do remote control transmitter development project, we do it for customer, and customer always want something unique on mass production remote control product, of course the ideal way would be customer to develop a new case mould with logo embeded, but this way would cost thousands of dollars, thus is not practical for most customers, so the more universal way would be to print the customer’s logo, website address, email address and telephone number on existing remote control case design.

During the last 10 years, we have developed many solutions for customer’s logo application, from lower cost external sticker with logo to better looking enclosure with logo silk screen printed, we have it all.

Some of our remote control enclosure has logo embed position designed, so we can use a PVC plate printed to fit into logo position, while for other remote control case models, we can always apply coated paper sticker at back of remote, where by default is plain black plastic surface.

When customer handled us original logo design by electronic file, it can be from simple sketch or photo to sophisticated vector illustrator file, if it was raster photo, then we will first convert it to vector image professionally, to make sure the printed logo has best quality, also we will send image design for customer approval before mass production.

The following photo shows some of our logo design samples for remote controls, all use printed stickers applied to remotes at factory, we highly recommend using sticker at given position if there is designed label position on remote control, because it will help us align all labels in same position and orientation, otherwise the label may deviate from center location since all labels are applied to remote controls by human in factory assembly line.


There are several materials we can choose to print logo on, the most common one is coated paper with white, silver or black background, which suits most circumstances and has lower cost, while some customers perfer more solid look, then he can choose PVC material with silver color background, it has better strength and longer working life against tough environment.

About color printing choice, usually customer would choose monochrome labels due to lower cost, however, if customer want more sophisticated look, then he can choose up to 3 colors at the same label for a higher cost, the maximum 3 color limit is due to current mainstream printing technology, and more color would cause dramatic cost increase so should be avoided.

Also customer should note that printed color may be a bit different from what is seen on monitor, there are basically two reasons, one is because photos in monitor are using RGB color space, while printed image use CYMK color space, the other reason is printing factory usually have to mix several basic color to get the color customer needs, and mix process may not be so accurate, but based on our experience, the image given to customer should achieve the designed goal.

We can also work with enclosure factory to print your logo on remote control case or enclosure directly, in this way your logo would be aligned better, and seems more integrated into remote control product, but this would require higher cost and higher minimum order quantity, the order quantity per model per design should be at least 1000pcs for remote control case factory to accept customized printing order.

Either customer chooses sticker or silk screen printing on remote control case, there is always around 7 days lead time required, so it is highly recommended that customer get in touch with us as early as possible to discuss logo design, also to get lead time and price quote.