Pujol Vario Compatible Garage Remote Programming

Today one of our distributors asked the following question about Pujol Vario remote programming.

Do you have any instructions on how to program from a Pujol receiver? Is it just a matter of enabling the learn mode button?

And here is our reply from technical department.

The programming to receiver is very simple, step as follows.

Step 1. We open the receiver. Inside we find a small button, where is screen-printed PROG-RESET

Step 2. Press this button and you will hear a beep sound.

Step 3. Click the button of remote control to be programmed in the receiver.

Step 4. When have finished the command register, wait till the receiver exit programming.

Step 5. Check that the controls already operate.

And there is another remote learning mode, but based on our experience, that mode would need at least one original remote to operate.