GiBiDi Domino Garage Remote Programming Question

One customer has a GIBIDI Domino garage remote. They don’t have access to the receiver unit but by pressing buttons 1 and 2 on the original Domino remote apparently it puts the receiver into programming mode – LED flashes on circuit board, and at that point you can press the button on the Domino remote you wish to use to open the gate.

Is it possible the SR-G1 compatible remote can be programmed like this genuine one without the receiver unit?

And here is the answer from our technical department.

Your description is very much like what I know as remote learning / memorising.

That means, using a already programmed remote control as activator – for example, 1+2 to activate, then you can program any new remote remotely – even the new remote doesn’t have this special activator function.

If your original GiBiDi Domino supports this feature, then it is highly likely you can program our SR-G1 using this method, with at least one genuine remote already programmed.