Buying Garage Door Remotes to Sell on Amazon

Today one customer asked the following question about sourcing garage door remotes to resell on Amazon.

I’m interested in buying garage door remotes to sell on Amazon.

Which of your remotes is the most compatible with garage doors in the United States?

Can I put my own brand and logo onto the remote – or onto the packaging?

And here is our reply from sales department.

For USA market, we have some cloning remotes that you might be interested in.

Such as 300 / 310 Linear Multi-Code compatible.

It is our SR-RCD-M1 remote control customized to Linear Multi-Code frequency, and is able to duplicate your existing Linear 300 / 310 Multi-Code remote controls in seconds.

Brand / logo is available for large orders, can both onto the remote and onto the packaging.

Also we have another direct learning model Linear Multi-Code compatible, whose code setting is by dip-switches, just same as genuine Linear garage door remotes.