Marantec Digital D302 D304 Remote Control Programming Instructions

Marantec offers innovative solutions especially in garage door and gate field, and Marantec garage door systems is widely used not only in UK and Europe, but also in USA and some other countries such as Australia and South Africa.

As for the garage door remote controls, Marantec Digital D302 and D304 are two most popular remote controls, due to their wide compatibility and easy to carry keyring size, Marantec Digital D302 is the narrow shape two button version, while Marantec Digitial D304 is the wider shape four button version, as D302 is enough for home automation use, and is also sold cheaper, so Marantec D302 is more popular and widely used than Marantec D304.

Before you buy replacement remote for either Marantec D302 or D304, just make sure you have the correct version, because Marantec now has two remote frequencies on market, 433.92 MHz and 868.35 MHz, the actual model number for 433.92 MHz remote are D302-433 and D304-433, while the model number for 868 MHz gate remote control are D302-868 and D304-868. They look very much like each other, however, there is a small difference, 868 MHz version remote’s back cover color is black and darker than front cover color, while 433 MHz remote version’s back cover color is grey, which is the same as front cover color.

Marantec new generation remote control product line all use same encoder technology, which means they are compatible and interchangable as long as frequency is the same, for example, Marantec D302-433 is compatible with D304-433, and Marantec D302-868 is interchangable with D304-868, and the encoder is fixed code encoder, which means the gate remote control will transmit the same encoding data every time button is pressed, so they can be duplicated or cloned by new Marantec or third-party cloning remote control duplicator.

Marantec remote control has introduced a unique code learning system, which means code is transmitted from a existing transmitter to new transmitter, and then stored via plug connection, the process is as follows.


1. Connect both remote control transmitters by coding plug came with new remote control.

2. Press and hold the existing remote control transmitter button. LED on the transmitter will on.

3. Press and hold the desired button of new remote control transmitter, and keep holding old remote control button pressed.

4. After 2 seconds, LED on new remote control transmitter will be on and fixed, indicating programming is completed, then unplug the coding connector.

Marantec Digital D302 and D304 garage door remote control is fixed code, and it can be perfectly replaced by our SR-RCD-868 duplicating gate remote control, also we have 433 MHz version available, just let us know if you’re interested.