Long Range Remote Control Operating Distance Field Test

This operating distance field test is conducted during early 2013, using our 4 button long range remote control SR-TX-401 and matching new generation 2-channel receiver SR-RCS-202U, since the receiver module on SR-RCS-202U is also used by our one channel receiver SR-RCS-201U and four channel receiver SR-RCS-204U, so the operating distance should be same or similar between these receivers, and can be interchangeable depending on different customer’s requirements.

The field test is conducted solely to demostrate our long range remote control and receiver’s performance under real situations, as the labeled or declared remote control distance sometimes only exists in theory, and it is helpful for customer to know what they can expect in real operating conditions, to make decisions, and evaluate their design goals.

As we all know, the actual RF remote control distance varies, and sometimes varies greatly, depending on different operating environment, such as weather, obstacles, interference at same frequency range and battery etc, so just consider this test a field test showing our long range remote control and receiver’s average performance.

The test field is along a main road which has lots of traffic, somewhere near our factory plant, weather is sunny, and environment temperature is around 30 – 35 C

It can be considered a environment with medium interference,  which means you can expect a better range in your place which is closer to open air, RF receiver is placed at 2m+ above ground, and transmitter is hand held around 1.4m+ above ground, the map below is showing the testing situations and results.


The shady area is a illustration showing the effective covering range of our long range transmitter TX-401, and as you can see our receiver SR-RCS-202U is placed to upper right of the map, the distance we measured is 800m+

The distance should be enough for most applications requiring long range remote control operating, and based on our customer feedback, the pair can reach as far as 1000m+ in area that has less obstacles.