Hormann HSM4 HSE2 Cloning Remote Control Programming Instructions

Hormann garage door remote controls are very popular in UK, Europe and Russia, and Hormann HSM4 and HSE2 are two bestseller in Hormann remote control product line, due to their easy to carry keyring size and performance.

Basically Hormann HSM4 is the four button version and Hormann HSE2 is two button version, in most circumstances, two button is enough for garages in home, so HSE2 is more popular used than HSM4.

The Hormann remote control line covers three frequencies, oldest 40.685 MHz, older 433.92 MHz and the now mainstream 868.3 MHz, and for each frequency, there are several models, for example, there are HS1-868, HS4-868, HSM4-868 and HSE2-868 at 868 MHz frequency range, as for 433 MHz range, there are three models, which are HS4-433, HSM4-433 and HSE2-433.

Different frequency can be considered as different generation, and there are several members in each generation, they are fully compatible and interchangable with each other, as long as frequency is the same.

Take the now most popular Hormann HSE2-868 for example, it transmits at 868.3 MHz narrow-band frequency range, and is a self-learning transmitter which can learn code from existing already programmed remote controls, its code is fixed code, so can be duplicated or cloned by other transmitters.

For original Hormann HSE2 or HSM4 garage door remote control, the face to face self learning instructions is as follows.


1. Place the original transmitter that is already programmed and the newly bought transmitter directly next to one another.

2. Press and hold the button to be used on the original transmitter. The LED on remote control will then light up and remain lit.

3. Press and hold the corresponding button on new learning transmitter immediately afterwards – the LED on new learning transmitter will flash slowly for 4 seconds and begin to flash quicker when the learning procedure was successful.

4. Release the buttons on both transmitters.

And remember to test the function of new transmitter after finished, or repeat above steps if you need to program another gate remote control.

Since Hormann HSE2 or HSM4 garage door remote control is fixed code, so it can be replaced by our much cheaper SR-RCD-868 duplicating gate remote control, our cloning remote control duplicator has been sold over 100K units so far, and is widely used in many countries.