220VAC RF Wireless Receiver Design Using High Efficiency LNK304PN Switching Converter

220VAC RF receiver means wireless receiver which directly draws power from power outlet that can be found in home and office, the standard voltage is different worldwide, for example, Western Europe has used a mains electricity supply rated at nominally 220VAC 50Hz while UK used 240VAC 50Hz, they are interchangable in most circumstances, as for USA and Canada, voltage you get out of household receptacles is normally 110VAC.

Currently, ALL Western European supplies are classified 230VAC. In reality there is no 230VAC supply provided, 230VAC was a standard value created during European harmonisation to give a single voltage standard across Western Europe, including UK and Irish Republic.


The difference between 220VAC RF wireless receiver and ordinary 12VDC receiver is only the power input rating, which is used to power up the receiver board logic as well as relays on board, and has nothing to do with the actual switching capability – also known as output, both receiver can switch electric load up to 10A current rating, either using AC or DC.

Also, to maintain continuity of our RF wireless receiver product line, all our receiver can use the same model of RF transmitter, to reduce unnecessary stock of RF remote controls, and the same RF receiver module technology can ensure same performance across receiver product line, regardless of AC or DC input.

While we design 220VAC RF wireless receiver, we are seeking for a solution that has wide input power adaption – to make it applicable worldwide, as well as high power conversion efficiency, the old transformer technology seems not be able to achieve the goal, that’s why we have used the new LNK304PN switching converter from Power Integrations.

The LNK304PN high efficiency switcher IC can accept wide range of AC input ranging from 85VAC to 265VAC, and can typically output a DC voltage of 12VDC, which is enough for most universal purpose applications. The power consumption itself is usually up to 80mW without load output, which is very low compared to other discrete buck or passive solutions.

More information on this chip can be found at Power Integrations official website here

Our 220VAC RF wireless receiver is now new to market, and only accept orders upon customer request, please contact us if you have any enquiries.