How To Upgrade Solidremote Receiver Firmware Using PICkit3 Programmer Kit

First you will need to install the PICkit3 standalone programmer software, which can be found at link below.

The .NET framework version 4.00 is required. You can download it at (standalone) (web version)

PICkit3 Programmer Application Setup (1.66 mb)

Then please first leave PICkit programmer unconnected to PC, and receiver board unconnected to PICkit programmer, then start the software usually can be found at your desktop.

You should see a similar screenshot as below


Then you should connect our PICkit3 programmer to PC using a standard USB printing wire, after connected hardware, please follow instructions, and click Tools > Check Communication, as follows


After you click the button, it may show two states, either in the following step or in step 5, if you see photo in step 5 instead, please skip to step 5 and continue, if you hardware is in default mode, you will see screenshot just like below.


Then you will need to follow instructions, click Tools > Download PICkit Operating System


After click that menu item, you should see a dialog to choose which OS file, you can choose the only file in default location, filename usually PK30SV020005, just like photo below, then click Open to continue.


After that, you can see the progress bar moves, meaning OS upgrade is now in progress.


Just wait for a few seconds, then you should see the status bar turn light yellow, and shows PICkit3 is connected, like below photo.


So we have successfully connected programmer kit to PC, but you can see as software indicated, No Device Found, so next step is to connect programmer kit to receiver board, you will need to connect PICkit to our receiver board’s programming port, see photo below for illustration.


After connected hardware properly, you need to setup software, click Tools > Check Communication again, just like photo below.


Then you should see the status bar and device info has updated to correct model, like photo below.


The next step is to import our new firmware file into software, you can do this by click File > Import HEX, like photo below.


Then a file choosing dialog will popup, you will need to choose the proper file to upgrade, please consult us before proceed, or your hardware may be unable to operate.


Click Open after chose the correct upgrade firmware, then you can see the code window is filled with code, ready to continue.


Click the write button, then you can see upgrade is in progress, after a few seconds, the status bar will turn green, indicating programming is successful, you can then disconnect the receiver.