RF Remote Control Relay As 3 Stop Lift Control System

Recently we have received customer development request, for making a customized lift control, which controls the movement of industrial lift, using either manual button or wireless remote.

To test and verify our receiver hardware and software design, we have built a small elevator model, as in following photo.

Also you can check out our video at YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLVM4Q7eoz8


There are 4 buttons total on both manual keypad and remote control, which is 1, 2, 3 for each floor, and stop button for stopping the lift, as you can see, we use 4 buttons on left side of photo to simulate the manual keypad.

And there are 3 level limit switch for input the signal to determine which level the lift is now on, we use small magnetic and matching 3 reed switches fixed on wall to simulate the signal input.

So the basic idea is, our receiver will remember the current location, so it knows if the next movement is up or down, when pressed certain level button.

Customer’s current solution is using a lot of wires connection and it is very time consuming especially for new setup, so our wireless controller has solved the problem perfectly by saving a lot of man hour and integrate all functions in single receiver.

Also in this new relay receiver project, we used Microchip’s new line of MCU which supports online debugging and programming, so customer can do software upgrade in future to implement new features as well as bug fixes.