How To Clone Garage Door Remote Control


Please note, the original article was written on year 2011, which is more than 5 years ago, a lot of things has changed (for example, rolling code are used more and more in today’s market), so we decided to write a small guide to explain the remotes that fit steps below.

In the original article below, you can see we have explained two steps to clone garage door remotes, these steps are under the following conditions.

1. The original remote you have, should be fixed code remotes (which means there’re likely dip switches on remotes, especially when those dip switches are to control the address code of remote controls), the typical remotes fit this description are Linear Multicode 300/310, Came Top432na etc.

2. You should have aftermarket remotes with cloning capabilities (they’re usually called, cloning remotes, cloner, self-learning remote, remote control duplicator, duplicating remotes etc), they need to have this self-learning feature to learn code from your existing remotes.

If your original remotes & newer remotes meet above description, then please read on.

Otherwise, you might need to contact your seller, or please leave a comment at end of this article, we will provide some support to help you find the correct remote.

Simple 2 Step Programming Instruction

Code Clone / Copy / Duplicate Brief Instruction Summary
StepKeyfob ActionLED Status
1Code ClearPress and hold down buttons A and B on Copy RemoteLED flashes once then flashes quickly
2Code ClonePress and hold down corresponding buttons on Copy Remote and Original RemoteLED flashes quickly
Code RecoveryPress and hold down buttons C and D on Copy RemoteLED flashes twice or three times then flashes quickly

NOTE: Code Recovery is not necessary unless you have cleared the code by accident and need to have the previous code restored.

Code Clear

How To Clone Garage Door Remote Control - Code Clear

Press and hold down buttons A and B on Copy Remote simultaneously, LED flashes once, after approximately 5 seconds, LED on Copy Remote flashes quickly, all the transmitter codes in the memory have now been erased.

After code clear, LED will flash once and remains off when pressing any button on Copy Remote.

Code Clone

How To Clone Garage Door Remote Control - Code Clone

Place your Original Remote next to Copy Remote. Press and hold down the button on Original Remote that you wish to program onto the corresponding button on Copy Remote, and then press and hold down the corresponding button on Copy Remote. Hold both buttons down until you see LED on Copy Remote flashes quickly. This should only take a few seconds, and then you have successfully duplicated the code from Original Remote.

Repeat the above code clone procedure for buttons B, C and D on Copy Remote if required.

After successfully learned, LED will turn on and remains on when any button on Copy Remote is pressed, and the button on Copy Remote will function the same as Original Remote, the clone procedure is now complete.

Code Recovery – Optional

How To Clone Garage Door Remote Control - Code Recovery

If you have cleared the code by accident, press and hold down buttons C and D on Copy Remote simultaneously, after approximately 5 seconds, LED on Copy Remote flashes twice or three times, then flashes quickly, all the transmitter codes in memory have now been recovered.

Prerequisites & Tips

If you have followed exactly the above programming procedure, but the Copy Remote does not work with your garage door opener, there are basically two major factors to consider: Firstly, your existing remote control might not be fixed code type. Secondly, your existing remote control and Copy Remote must transmit signal on the same frequency. The frequency is factory preset to 315MHz which is the standard for radio remote control apparatus in USA and China. The frequency can be changed to anywhere between 240MHz and 960MHz if required.

The detailed prerequisites are listed below, if the above procedures don’t run successfully, please check if all prerequisites are met.

  • Operating frequency of both Copy Remote and Original Remote must be the same
  • Only fixed-code model can be cloned, rolling-code model which is broadly used on cars is NOT supported
  • Code of Copy Remote must be cleared before cloning procedure

The programming Tips & Tricks are listed below, which may help you in the copying procedure.

  • Copy Remote and Original Remote should be placed close to each other during the copying procedure
  • Both remotes should be placed far from any wireless device that may cause interference in the copying procedure, such as cellphones, wireless modems and other devices
  • Check if the battery in your Original Remote is in good condition
  • Check if the Original Remote is functioning properly

Cloning of Rolling-Code Model NOT Supported: Our Solidremote Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator can clone a vast majority of fixed-code RF remote controls, in which circumstance each time when the remote control button is pressed, the same code is encoded and transmitted. While when the RF remote control is equipped with Code Hopping or Rolling-Code Technology, it’s not possible to clone because these type of remote controls transmit a different code each time the remote control button is pressed for better security.

TIPS: Fixed-code model is widely used in common remote control field such as Garage Door Openers, while Rolling-Code model is widely used in high security remote control field such as Car Security Systems, but today more and more latest Garage Door Openers model are equipped with Rolling-Code Technology, so contact us for compatibility information before placing an order.

ABBREVIATION: The above instructions use Copy Remote as abbreviation of Solidremote Universal RF Remote Control Duplicator and Original Remote as abbreviation of Original RF Remote Control to be duplicated.

FEEDBACK: If you have any suggestions on our How To Clone / Copy / Duplicate Garage Door Remote Control document, please send your feedback using contact form, your suggestion is greatly appreciated.

14 replies on “How To Clone Garage Door Remote Control

  • John

    I successfully cloned my remote but it only worked the first time and then stopped, does this mean it uses a rolling code of did something go wrong during cloning?

    • solidremote


      Yes I believe your keyfob is rolling code, thus only worked one time.

      You can try cloning several times, if it shows the same result everytime, then it’s definitely rolling code.

  • buralar

    I have a remote control of mine car. In the circuit inside the remote, there is a 304 MHz writing on the top. I want to duplicate it because there is a short circuit. I get it work while connecting to short ckt. places with some conductive thing or touching both sides. Here my question is, how can I duplicate it and in the market cloning remote controls says 433,92 Mhz. Do them suitable for my car’s remote(304 MHz)?


    • William Gates


      The frequency must match in order to make cloning remote work, otherwise the remote distance is shorter or just won’t work at all.

      You can look for adjustable frequency remote control duplicator online, which can take codes and transmit at 304 MHz.

  • William Miller

    There are 4 buttons on my TX-102, 433.92 system for my gate opener by aleko. Is there any way to use any of the remaining 3 buttons to open my garage door at another location?

    • William Gates


      The answer depends on receiver’s functionality, most gate opener brands support this control feature, please check your manual for details.

  • Oliver

    Hi, I have a remote liftmaster 371lm and I want to clone it.

    Can it be done with one of your products?

    Thanks in advance,

    • William Gates


      I’m afraid you can’t create a new one by cloning if old one is lost, you may need to purchase a new MPC3 genuine or compatible remote, and program it to your door opener.

    • William Gates


      For rolling code remote, you can search if there is any aftermarket compatible, but it has to be programmed to receiver unless there is other way stated by manufacturer, you can post the model number if you would like further assistance.


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