What is NeoCode?

Wireless signals are more and more commonly seen nowadays, which caused increasing complex RF environment around the world, thus keeping wireless link stability is harder than ever, even on simple gadgets such as handheld remotes.

On one way, wireless signals is more crowd at commonly used frequency such as 433MHz, which easily caused RF blocking, basically renders our handheld remotes useless in some circumstances, on the other hand, the wireless signal transmitted by other remotes or even noise will more likely to activate your receiver, since there is chance that their signal is just the same as your authentic ones at particular moment, and captured by receiver.

The typical problem we can see in daily life is for example, our door or gate remotes are sometimes jammed, you have to press several times until the door moves, which is very frustrating.

Our NeoCode technology is designed to overcome these two problems, by using frequency hopping technology and secure learn wireless packet technology.

We choose seldomly used frequency such as 915MHz to avoid common RF signals interference, also we use frequency hopping to simultaneously transmit at least 3 frequencies to increase link stability, it will work even if 2 of them are blocked together. Our receiver will smartly choose the most stable frequency, like the technology used on high end drones.

For security consideration, our wireless encoder has been upgraded to double the length used on older systems, the random encoder provides trillions combinations, thus greatly improved security, also our brand new wireless packet handling can auto correct wrong packet, improved stability furthermore.

Due to the significant technology changes, our NeoCode system is not backward compatible with older Keeloq systems, so you will need to use both new remote and receiver to upgrade to our NeoCode systems.

We’re one of few that brought this new system to daily use, it is by far one of the most secure and stable wireless control systems available on market, so you can have peace of mind when using our remotes.

By moving to NeoCode technology in 2016, we will be well ahead of the curve, and customer can enjoy much better technology for just same price.

Contact us today to check out our new remotes and receivers using NeoCode technology.