Gate & Garage Door Accessories Dealer – EasyGates

EasyGates is a UK company who supplies a wide range of electric gates, garage door openers, remote controls and door entry systems.

EasyGates is pretty famous in UK, the company claims to have over 25 years experience in garage door & gate related field, and the largest electric gate automation supplier in Midlands, EasyGates also sells several large gate automation brand in the UK.

EasyGates also provide support information through the company’s new manuals site, as well as selling garage door and gate kits through it’s original site, and newer direct sales site called EasyGates Direct. The manuals site is very helpful, as it provides many manuals from suppliers, also has EasyGates own connection guide etc, so customer can find all the information in one place, no need to go to every website to search (some manuals are very difficult to find also).

The first time I know EasyGates is because the company supplies one very popular universal cloning remote control, the model CLR4000 (later renamed to CL4000), maybe the remote control is one of the very first ones in market, and the remote control’s shape has been very very popular since then, many Chinese factory use this case, and it is very popular now on eBay.

The original reason why EasyGates supplies this model is because there are many discontinued remotes in the market, if customer was going to geniune provider, then he will tell customer the only way is to buy a new kit (remotes + receivers), which is very expensive, and is very troublesome.

So with learning type remotes, customer can solve the problem at very low cost, so EasyGates recommends it to customer with this needs.

Also EasyGates sells one type upgrade receiver kit, so customer can easily replace the remotes & receiver for better security, at much lower price compared to original ones.

At early times, there is only few cloning remote controls at market, so EasyGates sells it at a much higher price(if you compare it with eBay seller, now), but actually the price is not so high at that time (years before), and compared to genuine parts.

EasyGates also sells genuine remotes together with other accessories, but we still don’t know if the sales is good, especially today when lots of sales are generated at eBay and Amazon.

But since they have registered at Trustpilot, we can see EasyGates is very popular, as it already collected more than 1700+ reviews from Trustpilot as of July 25th 2016, and the reviews is very positive scoring 9.5 out of 10.

Anyway, EasyGates is a very famous garage door & gate accessories seller in UK, and you should contact them if you have any needs in UK.