Compatible Remote Maker – Remocon

Remocon is a very old & once very famous brand, it is because Remocon is one of the first to make duplicator remotes for lock smiths.

Remocon is the brand name of the company Tung Shih Technology Co Ltd. based in Taiwan, but many times Remocon becomes the company name, and is more popular than Tung Shih.

At the early days, there is no self-learning remote control duplicators, the only duplicator existed on market was called duplicator machine, and remotes must be cloned on or by duplicator machine, it was very good for locksmiths, because typically only locksmith will buy the big machine, and put it in the shop, then wait for customers to come in, duplicating the remotes, then make money.

It is how keys are duplicated all the time, we have to send keys to locksmiths, then we get the duplicated key.

Remocon started business in early 1997, and at that time, it is one of few who made this duplicating machines, so it become very popular in market, and even until now, its best selling remotes still needs to be worked with machine.

According to Remocon, they now has 4 categories of products, which are self-learning remote control duplicator, hopping code duplicator with programmable hopping code remotes (due to hopping code mechanism, actually new & old can only work one at a time), fixed code duplicator with programmable fixed code remotes, and a tool called frequency counter.

They mainly can duplicate existing garage door, car alarm and security systems, the majority of existing remotes are still fixed code ones.

The good point of duplicating machine is, you can have a loyal seller network, who all use your duplicator machines, but it is very inconvenient for customer to go such as long distance and have their remotes copied, especially in today’s network world, they can have a remote delivered at door, but still have to go far away to make it work.

Also their duplicator remotes are classified into A, B, C, H etc, and a lot of copycat factories are following this way too, it is very confused for customer.

And the most important of all is, with the technology improvement, we now have self-learning remote control duplicators.

In the era of self-learning duplicators, Remocon is no longer the leader, actually Remocon only has one type self-learning duplicators for a long time, the model number is Remocon LRT-1 adjustable type cloning remotes, and they seem unaware of the new tide, self-learning remotes are rapidly gaining market share, the old business model is no longer available.

Their products stay unchanged for the past 5 years, and they still use the adjustable frequency old technique, while the crystal multi-frequency remotes are available for many years!

The old website is no longer updated since 2011, and recently they have a new website designed for 2016, but after our engineer checked, it seems the product is not inspiring at all.

Will Remocon be leader again? will there be any new products? let’s look forward to it.