A Support Site Dedicated to Remote Controls

Unlike the old days, we have to check the manual along with product if we have troubles or questions, nowadays when we have questions about something, most likely we will Google it online, there is always answer on internet.

To meet increasing needs of this type, there has been many famous Q&A site setup during these years, for example Stackoverflow and related sites are often used for computer related questions, and the site cluster under Stack Exchange also have numbers of other sites covering technology, life and arts, culture and recreation, science and other stuff, people ask many questions on these sites every day.

Also there are Quora and other famous Q&A sites, people will go to them if they have related questions, and it will be solved very well and promptly, but in remote control field, there is still no such sites available.

Remote control, although is just a small piece compared to large topic, but still remote control is one of the most popular used gadgets in daily life, and people has lots of questions if they’re not familiar with remotes, or having other questions.

As for us, we often answer many customer’s questions using one to one email, customer ask a question via email to our support staff, and we reply it using email, just like many other companies do, and customer of course will have their answers using our help.

But during these years, we have found many questions are similar to each other, so actually one customer can benefit from other customer’s answer, we thought why we don’t just let customer post all their questions on a single website, and we answer them through the platform, it will eventually benefit everyone, since customer can get the support very quickly, by looking up existing answer, and we can put our staff into more beneficial work.

So we plan to build this platform, but during build, we compared several solutions, whether it will be a forum (like many old style support forums), a knowledge base (like some support sites), a wiki (like Wikipedia, everyone contributes) or a Q&A style site (like Quora & Stackoverflow).

Every style has its advantages and disadvantages, but eventually we have chosen Q&A site, because in this early stage, it would be most beneficial for customer who have questions.

Our brand new support Q&A site is now available at https://www.solidremote.com/support/

Whether you’re customer or not, you can post freely on our support site if you have questions related to remote controls, our support staff will be here most time of a day, and try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Also if you know the question to answer, please don’t hesitate to share with us, your help is much appreciated, and let’s work together to build a remote control community that benefits everyone!

(To be continued…)