Compatible Remote Maker – Tradingall Electronic

Tradingall Electronic, also known as Tradingall Import S.L., is a company in Spain who focus on making aftermarket garage door remotes, gate remotes and universal receivers.

Company introduction

They have been in this business for long time, and the products they made is well accepted in market, their most significant work is their engineers have developed a technology that makes one remote control integrates or compatible with around 90% of the most famous brands on the market.

Technically, they just get the leaked Keeloq software emulation algorithm and cracked the manufactuer code in genuine receivers, by doing that, they have broken the license agreement with Microchip Keeloq encoder.

But their work is very good for dealers, since dealer only have to source one stock, to be sold to many customers who need different kind of compatible remote brands.

Compatible remotes

In the past, they make two types of remotes, one is for fixed code (and some rolling code with rolling disabled) cloning, while other is for rolling code direct replacement.

The cloning remotes are called TX-F 433 and TX-F 868, and rolling code replacement is called TX-MULTI and TX-FX

And recently they have integrated both remotes into one type, called TX-CLONER, which is able to copy most fixed code brands, and compatible with most rolling code brands in European market.

Compatible receivers

And their receiver is focused to be compatible with most garage door remote brands, the receiver can work with 300 – 800 MHz.

The receiver is called RX-MULTI, meaning it can work with multiple brands.

Other gadgets

They also have some customized products such as keypad, wall switch and lighter style car remote, and Chameleon control board etc, so you can find most your garage door needs with them.