Rise and Fall, Remote King vs Remote Pro

In Australia, you probably have heard these two names, Remote King and Remote Pro are two big players in aftermarket remotes market, they all do wholesale remotes, but in different way.

The good old times

Several years ago, there is no Remote Pro, at that time, the big player in Australia and southern globe is Remote King, they mainly do offline sale to dealers in shop, locksmiths, and you will need to be a dealer to buy from them, they will send you a catalogue regularly, and you can order through their system.

Remote King sells lots of remotes, both genuine and aftermarket, and they have their own model number such as RCG12C for ATA PTX-4 aftermarket, RMDB01B for B&D PTX-4 aftermarket, RDT01B for Ditec GOL4 aftermarket etc, they also sell Remocon cloning machines under their own brand.

Here is how they works, they buy bulk from manufactuers in thousands, then they will distribute it to their dealers network across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more, then their deals will sell to end customers (mainly in shops)

Everything just work perfectly, and their are other wholesaler like them, you must have seen Mr Minit right, they are everywhere in shops. and their aftermarket remotes are somewhat cheaper than originals, but not too much.

Everything just changed

But during the past 2-3 years, everything just changed, online shopping is more and more popular, and people found it is so much cheaper to buy remotes online, than from offline dealer.

Here we comes Remote Pro, a dealer mainly sells on eBay, the biggest retail platform online.

Remote Pro also sells remotes, they also have huge range of remotes for sale, and they directly buy from factory who made them, this part are just same as Remote King, but the difference is they deal with end customers directly.

Everyone on eBay platform can buy from them, there is no limit to dealers, and you can even buy 1pcs at low price, with free shipping included.

With the down going economy during the past several years, many people are looking for cheaper replacement, they will choose Remote Pro definitely.

Aftermarket remotes business

It just crushed the businesss model, there is less and less profit in this aftermarket garage door remotes market.

And big brands are also trying to lower their genuine remote’s price due to environment changes.

From rise to fall, it just happened too quickly, even in today’s ever changing world.

What will Remote King do with the current situation? will Remote Pro keeps growing? which path will the aftermarket remotes industry going?

Welcome to share your thoughts below, your idea is much appreciated.