Compatible Remote Maker – Creasol

Creasol is a very famous company in garage door remotes circle, because Creasol is the first in world that makes and successfully markets multi-frequency remote control duplicator.

Creasol is a company in Italy that born in 2001, despite the very old history, Creasol has become famous along with the growing popularity of remote control duplicators, the time is around year 2010.

At that time, there are duplicators, made by Remocon, that use adjustable capacitors to adjust the frequency, the range is very limited to 300 – 450MHz, also the adjusting is very diffcult and cost time, because you will need a frequency counter to check the frequency when tuning, normal people can’t do this, they have to do it at locksmith shop.

Another type duplicator is fixed frequency, it doesn’t need tuning, but its compatibility is limited, because the remote you copy has to be exact same frequency for it to work, so you will need to prepare 433MHz ones, 315MHz ones, 300MHz ones etc.

Creasol has made a excellent product using latest technology, it use frequency auto-sensing and auto-adjusting, and it is very accurate, the product is called Creasol Multi (where multi means multi-frequency)

It is one of the first, and has been constantly improving during 2011 – 2014, added many features and compatibility fixes.

But now it seems the Creasol Multi software development has stopped, maybe because the remotes to be compatible is growing slowly.

Anyway, Creasol Multi basically reformed the world multi-frequency remote control duplicator, and should be remembered.

They also have compatible receiver products such as Creasol UniLock, UniRec1 & UniRec2, but they’re not as popular as remote duplicators.

(To be continued…)