Top 10 Websites to Buy Garage Gate Remotes Online in UK

It is internet age today, online shopping has become more and more people’s first choice, as it can save you lots of time and money to find the quality item you need.

We have gathered together 10 of the best garage door opener and gate remotes and accessories online supplier around, covering almost all remote control brands you can find in local market. With so much choice, you’re guaranteed to find at least one you like. Give them a go – there’s nothing to lose.

1. eBay UK –

Yes you can always find the lowest price item on eBay local site, and most seller on eBay provide next-day delivery in UK, get your garage and gate replacement remotes quick! also you can find many low cost compatible remotes, which you can’t buy from original supplier.

2. Amazon UK –

Amazon seller is famous for their professional and better over-all service standards than eBay, thanks to Amazon’s useful per-item feedback system, you can also find many low cost aftermarket remotes on Amazon.

3. EasyGates UK –

One of the largest and oldest garage and gate accessories online supplier in UK, they have in stock many popular brands in UK, such as Liftmaster, Nice, BFT and Came etc, the support team is very helpful too.

4. Remote Control Express –

Remote Control Express is able to deliver garge and gate remotes across Europe, as it has many local sites such as UK site / France site etc, delivery is also very quick to Europe, you can consider them as an alternative to eBay or Amazon.

5. The Electric Gate Shop –

The Electric Gate Shop is a small Yorkshire based company, who specialise in the supply of gate automation equipment. The Electric Gate Shop is independent of any single supplier, and imports electric gate kits directly from several leading manufacturers in Italy. 98% of their products are bought directly from the source of manufacturer, and are chosen for their reliability and unique features.

6. Quantek Shop –

Quantek Shop is also one of the most popular online garage and gate kits websites in UK, who specializes in garage door remotes, gate remotes and universal receivers, you can either visit the above official site to purchase, or visit their shop on Amazon, price is the same.

7. The Garage Door Centre –

Garage Door Centre online is a pretty new comer in online garage door and gate kits and accessories sales, although it was born in 1986 and now celebrates 27 years of continued business installing the highest quality garage doors and associated products throughout the UK. They attribute a lot of their success to supplying only the highest quality door products available ensuring the best guarantees and continuous trouble free operation for years.

8. Timpson UK –

Timpson is also a new website who focus on garage and gate remotes online sales, they mainly sell the four most popular brand remotes in UK, namely BFT, Came, Aprimatic and Beninca, they also sell a wide range of other products under Timpson brand, which has a rather long history for nearly 140 years.

9. 1st Choice Automation –

1st Choice Automation is a well established company that delivers quality products at the best possible price. Part of the 1st Choice Garage Doors group, they have been helping customers with their garage and gate requirements for over twenty years.

10. Gate Remotes UK –

Gate Remotes UK has been focused on garage and gate replacement remotes online sales for long time, they mainly sell genuine parts from original provider and upgrade receiver kits from third-party, the website is useful for its wide range of brands and models supply.

Above 10 websites are recommended based on search engine results and industry research carried by – Did I miss some great sites? or do you have other garage and gate online sales sites to recommend? please feel free to contact us.