ATA PTX-5 TrioCode Compatible Remote Control

As our ATA PTX-5 garage and gate compatible remote development is nearly complete, here we brought you some fresh photos just took of our ATA PTX-5 compatible remote.

First, let’s check out what will our ATA PTX-5 compatible look like, as the photo below, the left is our ATA PTX-5 compatible remote, while the right is original ATA PTX-5 made by Automatic Technology Australia PTY LTD.


The remote’s casing is just the same as our most popular ATA PTX-4 replacement SR-A1 – with metal chrome and sliding cover.

Also we have some photos on the techical specifications, mainly focused on remote control distance, as can be seen as on spectrum analyzer, the first photo is recorded using original ATA PTX-5 remote.

A little background info, as you can see there are 3 waves transmitting at the same time, it is why this technique is called trio-code, actually same key code transmitting at 3 different frequencies in queue.


And here comes our ATA PTX-5 compatible remote, as shown below, as you can see, the peak signal strength is just the same, and during field test using a small wire antenna on receiver, both original and our compatible PTX-5 has achieved around 200m distance.


Note – to achieve maximum remote control distance, please always attach a wire antenna to your FHCRX2 standalone receiver, as FSK transmitting distance varies greatly depending on antenna, in our field test using original remotes, without antenna only has <50m distance while with antenna can easily go up to 200m.

If everything goes fine, we will release this ATA PTX-5 compatible in October 2013.