Simple Easy to Use RF Receiver SR-RCS-201U with Low Power Consumption

If your application requirement is simple, such as to wirelessly turn circuit on or off, then you may use our SR-RCS-201U one channel receiver kit.

Sharing the same technology as our mainstream SR-RCS-202U receiver, you can expect the same performance such as remote control range and stability.

Also you may enjoy a lower standby current / power consumption with our 201U receiver, during lab testing, our SR-RCS-201U receiver’s standby current is ~4.7mA, while our SR-RCS-202U receiver’s standby current is ~8mA

Low power consumption make our SR-RCS-201U receiver more suitable for some battery powered applications, as well as solar panel powered applications.

Our receiver’s relay contact on both 201U and 202U are voltage-free contact, which means relay output only act as simple on off switch, not output voltage for target circuit.

However, we can simply override this by using another way of wire connection, and we can provide technical support to customer who needs customization.