Hard-wire Remote Control Transmitter for System Integration

Today we received a customer enquiry, asking if our default remote control transmitter can be hard-wired to be integrated into other system, the detail listed as follows.

Customer ask, can the transmitter / remote control be hard-wired for intergation with another system? such as a honeywell fault signal, not sure if this is pulsed, or voltage derived.

As a brief break down of what customer would like to achieve, customer is looking to send a fault signal to energise a strobe warning indicator 400 meters away from a sewerage pump system, when the pump has a fault, this needs to activate the strobe, until reset.

And here is reply from our engineering department as follows.

Yes, you can do some simple modification to attach two wires to transmitter button connection, so when the two wires closed, it was as if button pressed down, then transmit starts.

So by default, it will need control circuit to be able to close a connection, or we can help customer build a workaround if existing control circuit output a positive voltage signal, such as common +5V output when there is trigger event.

Since the distance requirement is 400 meters, so customer may need long range remote control transmitter to make sure it works stable under different weather and interference circumstances, the recommended transmitter is TX-401 type, and matching receiver is SR-RCS-202U next generation receiver with optional external whip antenna.