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Solidremote Intelligent Wireless Relay Switch Receiver 2-Channel with RF Remote Control Transmitter / 2017 Next Generation (KIT-2)


Brand: Solidremote

UPC: 708296999021

2017 BRAND NEW wireless receiver built with STEP concept in mind, can be easily used for tons of applications, where performance and security matters.

402U 2-ch receiver is perfect for universal receiver applications such as garage door opener & gate receiver, as well as other electronics switching purpose.

Product features

  • A-Grade printed circuit board
  • Highly adaptive and efficient switching power supply system
  • SONGLE brand relay with true 125VAC 10A terminals (dry contact NO & COM)
  • Powerful microprocessor with built-in light speed storage unit
  • NextGen high performance FSK receiver unit [1]
  • Human friendly LED segment display, one-button control & DIP switches working mode selection
  • Two limit switches for controlling relay externally
  • Built-in 85dB buzzer for audio aids
  • 12-24V AC-DC wide power input range [2]
  • Independent relay channel learning
  • Latest Solidremote TrioAES 433 technology
  • Flexible antenna terminal & industry standard u.FL port [3]
  • Easy to use and connect enclosure design with mounting holes
  • Maximum 80 transmitters memory [4]
  • Four independent output mode combinations include pulse, hold and latching
  • 2 virtual relay ports onboard for external relay expansion [5]
  • Programmable intelligent receiver [6]

1. Our lab & field test results shows better range than previous generation products.
2. Recommended input voltage range is 9-40V DC or 9-24V AC, ask us first if you’re not sure.
3. Do not connect antenna to both ports.
4. Maximum 80 different transmitters can be memorized using A mode learning.
5. Active low relay control ports, see manual for details.
6. We provide software customization for bulk orders, contact us.

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