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RF Remote Control Relay Switch 2-Channel NextGen


Designed for universal relay receiver applications such as garage door & gate standalone receiver and many other electronics switching, SR-RCS-202U is a 2-ch receiver with high stability, security and performance.

Product features

  • A-Grade printed circuit board
  • 3-Level switching power supply system
  • SONGLE brand relay
  • Enhanced internal antenna
  • Microchip microprocessor
  • Princeton superheterodyne receiver unit [1]
  • Light speed storage unit
  • DIP switches working mode selection
  • Double normally open limit switches
  • 5V magic port for external buzzer
  • 12V-24V AC-DC wide power input range [2]
  • Independent relay channel learning
  • Solidremote rolling code security+ technology
  • Water resistant IP23 plastic housing [3]
  • Reinforced enclosure with mounting holes
  • Maximum 400 transmitters memory [4]
  • Built-in DC motor polarity control [5]
  • Four independent output modes include pulse, hold and latching
  • Programmable intelligent receiver [6]

1. Superheterodyne receiver modules typically have better range than other super-regenerative ones.
2. Recommended input voltage range, 9-30V DC, or 9-24V AC, ask us first if you’re not sure.
3. Subject to installation conditions.
4. Receiver respond and action time will increase along with memorized remote number.
5. For small DC motors current rating not exceeding 2A.
6. We provide software customization for bulk orders, contact us.

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