Coin Transmitter



New 2016


Our nano style coin transmitter is one of the lightest remote on market, thanks to its thin body and big button, now every touch is a true pleasure.

“Probably the lightest remote on market”

As light as a feather

you want it, we heard you

More often than not, we just want simple solution to simple task, like open and close door, turn something on and off, we don’t need ordinary remotes with unnecessary buttons, we just need one button.

As factory, we often saw customer left product review like this “Very happy, works well and easy to set up. But I just wonder how many people need 4 buttons, it would be great if they had 1 or 2 button remotes. ”

Well, we heard you, we know you need something simpler, with lighter body to easily carry around, while have big button for comfort press, something just like our coin transmitter!

Coin transmitter is the perfect illustration of the design philosophy “LESS is more” – do one thing and do it well.

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1.8cm big button
1.2cm thin body
<0.01 kilograms

Small body,

with a strong heart

Starting with this new product line, we will use cutting-edge technology to power all our remotes, the highly integrated processor inside clocks at as high as 20MHz, which is almost 4 times quicker than commonly seen product on market!

The integrated circuit design also greatly improved overall product stability, we expect product failure rate significantly lower than average.

20MHz processor
400% faster
1 single chip

Robust wireless,

like never before

Despite its smaller size, our coin transmitter’s wireless performance is just as robust as standard size remotes, actually it is loaded with our latest wireless technology, such as NeoCode anti-interference frequency hopping technology, wireless packet auto-correction technology, high precision crystal-less RF technology to name a few.

By using NeoCode technology, our coin transmitter’s link stability will triple that of ordinary remotes in some extreme circumstances.

915MHz band
3 frequencies
150m distance


and human friendly

Thanks to environment friendly power saving technology, the battery inside can work for as long as 1 year* before requiring new one installed.

Our coin transmitter uses CR2032 coin battery which can be easily found in most stores, replacing battery is also very easy thanks to rotate-to-open battery holder design.

* According to simulation results given by battery life estimator under standard operating conditions, actual battery life may differ.

30sec battery change
12months battery life
0 tools required

Your style,

goes everywhere

Say goodbye to same old fashioned remotes used by everyone around, we have 6 beautiful colors tailored for you, aside from the default solid black and pearl white, we also have red, yellow, blue and green.

Finally, you can have your remote with your own style, and you know what’s better? different color can also be used for different purpose as well, so you will never mess them up.

6 colours
36 combinations
unlimited possibilities


make your remote even better

In standard package, you will have 1pcs CR2032 battery pre-installed for free, while we have additional accessories available for purchase, such as standard keychain or super-elastic premium keychain, more accessories are coming on the way.

1 battery included
3+ accessories
2usd worth of free gift


Button number: 1
RF frequency: 915MHz
Encoder: NeoCode hopping
Distance: ~150m


Dimension: 44x39x12mm
Weight: <0.01kg
Color: 6 variations
Material: A-Grade ABS plastic

Operating Condition

Battery type: CR2032
Operating temperature: -20° to 50° C
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Operating altitude: up to 3000m

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