Remote Control Switch

Solidremote RF remote control relay switch are wireless controlled relay boards to switch target circuit on and off according to transmitter and software control logic, remote control relay is the receiver part of whole RF remote control system, when working with matching remote control transmitter, such as Solidremote RF remote control transmitters.


Our RF remote control relay is widely used in alarm and security system, home electric system, garage door openers, wireless roller shutters, industry automation and many other applications that require medium to long range wireless control.

We have designed our receiver to work in many circumstances, for example, our SR-RCS-202U and 201U are perfect to work as garage door receiver out of box, also we have dip-switches on 202U to switch between working modes, so it will meet many customer’s requirement without modification.

But we understand there is always unique requirement in every real world application, so we offer customize design services and software modification based on next-gen receiver, for example, many manufacturers offer products with simple latch, momentary or toggle working mode using chip built-in feature. But we can always offer more, our programmable RF remote control relay switch will help you realize many your brilliant ideas, just contact us to find more.

  • Antenna Type: External Copper-wire Single Pole
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms (RG58)
  • Modulation Type: Reliable ASK technology
  • Working Voltage: AC-DC 12-24V Adaptable
  • Standby Current: 10mA
  • Operating Current: 50mA / Channel (Relay Active)
  • RF Receiving Sensitivity @433MHz: -110dB
  • Operating Distance: 50-150m (150-500 ft.)*
  • Decoding Type: Fixed Code (2260, 2262, 2264, HT12E, etc.), Learning Code (1527, 527, RT1587, etc.), Rolling Code (HCS301)**
  • Decoding Method: Auto code learning – Fixed Code and Rolling Code
  • Memory Capacity: 25 Transmitter Channels
  • Relay Contact Rating: 2A @ 24V DC or 2A @ 120V AC
  • Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz, can be customized from 250MHz to 450MHz (SAW filter stabilized)
  • Dimension: 55mm x 35mm x 20mm
  • Net Weight: 0.03kg (0.06 lbs.)
  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F)
  • Enclosure Rating: IP40 (TBC)
  • Enclosure Material: As shown in product photo, high impact ABS plastic
  • Manufacturing: High-quality SMT manufactured
  • Certificate: CE, R&TTE, FCC compatible***

Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, remote engine starter, vehicle door locks, anti-theft alarm and security system, personal alarm, home security system, home electric control, wireless toys, short-to-medium distance wireless remote control products, garage door and gate openers, wireless roller blinds and shutter control, industry automation etc.