TrioCode Truly Matters – Using Multi-frequency to Avoid Interference

Today since many transmitting frequencies are standardized in most countries, and some frequency such as 433.92MHz and 315MHz are very popular in most countries, while this is a good thing about standardization, but it also means you will more likely to experience signal interference.

Signal interference may happen in some countries where 433.92MHz is used a lot, such as UK and some other European countries, as well as Australia.

That’s why nowadays newer openers are using technology called multi-frequency or frequency-hopping, one of the most widely application is ATA PTX-5 trio-code remotes, which use three frequency on 433.5 / 433.95 / 434.4 band, the other possible frequency used are 433.47 / 433.92 / 434.37 band.

In applications, the three frequencies tri-code do reduce a lot of interference, even when two ATA PTX-5 trio-code remotes operate at the same time.

In development of this ATA PTX-5 trio-code compatible remotes, we have also mastered technique to simultaneously transmit at more frequencies, such as 5 or more, please contact us if you need this kind of products.