Remote Controls Courier Shipping to Russia

For most orders here at Solidremote, we use courier company to manage the shipping, the couriers we normally use include DHL, FedEx, UPS or express line, and sometimes we will use EMS if receiver’s address is PO Box or is remote area in other courier’s system.

Usually for most countries, courier can deliver the package within 7 days, or 15 days maximum if there is no special situations, so it should be fine for customers in most countries around the world.

But for Russia there is some problem in choosing courier, because DHL or FedEx or other similar couriers all need recipient to be company and has tax number etc, also the courier is likely to charge more for customs clearance fee, so most customers will not choose FedEx DHL or other couriers.

The most popular way to send packages to Russia is EMS, because EMS clearance success rate is high in Russia customs, and usually customer will get the package in 14 – 21 days time.

But for last few months, EMS is not able to send packages with batteries, while our garage door remote controls all have batteries in remote control, so can not be shipped using EMS anymore.

For large orders, many our customers have shipping agent in China, and shipping agent will take care of customs clearance and shipping in Russia, we just need to send the package to their shipping agent in China.

But for small orders, shipping by agent will be expensive, so for many customers who only require several hundreds of remotes, we have developed another way to ship.

It is China Post Russia Express, and it will be pickup in Russia, and deliver to customer using Russia Post system, and have tracking number in all the transit process.

The tracking number can be tracked at after package is picked-up in Russia.

We have used this method for small orders for over one month, and it is good so far, the average shipping time is around 25 – 30 days to arrive at customer’s place.