Remote Control Different Golf Cart DC Motor

Today one of our customers asked if we have solution for remote control different bumper cars DC motor, here is our customer’s enquiry.

Hello, here is a description of what I am trying to accomplish. I have a 24 volt DC bumper car basically the same as a golf cart. I need to put an inline relay that I can control from a remote relay so I can turn the car on and off remotely. I would need to have around 7 of these remotes all on different frequencies so that they only operate one car each. If you have any item that would work please let me know.

And here is our reply from sales department.

Our SR-RCS-202U receiver & TX-102 ( or TX-111 if you prefer one button ) can do the job.
SR-RCS-202U acts like a simple switch that is remote controlled by transmitter.
TX-102 remotes are all on same frequency 433 MHz, but has different codes.
So they would work fine as long as you don’t press two or more transmitter buttons exactly at the same time – which would cause signal jamming.
Tips – usually one remote to control one receiver is accomplished by using different transmitter codes, not by using different frequencies.