Garage Receiver Remote Learning – Take ATA PTX-4 as an Example

Some modern garage receivers, such as ATA PTX-4 matching receiver CRX-2 V1.05 supports a function called remote learning, basically remote learning is developed to allow you program new remotes without access your garage opener or gate opener box.

Accessing garage or gate opener box is sometimes quite bothersome, or you are not able to access it since it’s locked by administrator or renter, that’s when remote learning come to help.

The process of both normal learning and remote learning can be described as follows.

Normal Learning – Press learn button on receiver -> Program new remotes

Remote Learning – Press hidden button on existing remote programmed -> Program new remotes

So you can see the only difference is the physical press of learn button has changed to pressing hidden button on remote that is already programmed.

By using remote learning, the key is the first remote – which acts as an learning mode activator, more specifically is the first remote as activator must have the hidden button or combination button instead.

The feature of course is on every original remote, but is not necessarily on every aftermarket compatible, for example, our BFT Mitto compatible SR-B1 has the feature, but ATA PTX-4 compatible SR-A1 doesn’t.

So our SR-B1 can act as activator without original remote programmed – since SR-B1 is just the same as original BFT Mitto, but SR-A1 can’t act as activator, so it will need at least one original remote programmed as activator – since SR-A1 lacks the remote learning hidden button.