Ditec GOL4 and GOL4C – The Difference

As you may already noticed, Ditec has two remote models very similar to each other, both model name and the look.

Yes they are DITEC GOL4 and GOL4C, but don’t mess one model with the other, since they’re not compatible.

Ditec GOL4 is a rolling code remote, which has white LED cover color, while GOL4C is a fixed code remote, which has a red LED cover color.

In official manual, GOL4 can only be programmed directly into receiver, since it is a rolling code remote, so can’t be duplicated.

But GOL4C’s recommended programming method is by duplicating exisiting remote that is already programmed.

In short, please always remember to check the model by LED cover color before ordering any replacement remotes, either original models from Ditec or low cost replacements from our website.