Directional RF Transmitters with SR-RCS-202U Receiver

Recently one of our customers asked the following question.

Do you have or is it possible to make a UNI-Directional transmitter ( maybe a 30 degree transmit field ) with an approximate range of 25 meters? We would like to use this UNI-Directional transmitter with SR-RCS-202U receiver, that we currently purchase.

Our application is for use with doors that are in close proximity to each other, and they would like all the doors to work with the same key fob style transmitter, but only the one door directly in front of them when they press the transmitter.

And here is our answer from engineering department.

As far as we know, there is no directional RF transmitters, due to the working mechanism – that is, RF signals will spread all over the space from transmitting center.

So we would recommend our customer to use IR infrared ones instead, it’s just like remotes for TV and setbox, with directional working.

Usually we will use different buttons to control different doors, for example, you can use our TX-412 transmitters together with SR-RCS-202U receiver to control up to 12 doors at the same time.