BFT LIBRA C MA Compatible Replacement Remote Control

Recently we have received some enquiries on BFT LIBRA C MA control panel compatible garage door remotes, and customer has programmed our SR-B1 remote successfully into the control panel, following are customer enquiries and our reply from sales department.

Customer question and enquiries are using italic fonts, while our reply are using normal fonts.

We have BFT LIBRA C MA and we are trying to purchase some remote controls. We have already ordered some remotes from other suppliers that don’t work – probably because we need a rolling code remote – we are not able to change the setting to fixed code. Can you please suggest which remote we need so it works with rolling code.

It seems your receiver is using BFT Mitto remotes, and our replacement is SR-B1 model.

Please verify the remote model & check your garage opener is not locked.

How can I check if my gate opener is not locked?

Most receivers are unlocked, you can test by erasing receiver memories, then program your own remote to receiver, then test if programming is successful.

We were unable to copy any of the new keys, but are able to add remote through BFT panel menu, Radio / Add Start submenu w/o problems. Do you think the same will work with your remote? Please let me know, if yes, we will get back to you with order.

Our SR-B1 should work if you can add any new remotes into receiver panel.

After 7 days, customer get back to us – We’ve received your remotes. They work like a charm, couldn’t be happier. Just wanted to say big thank you. Have a great day!

Our SR-B1 remote as replacement for BFT Mitto garage and gate remote, should work on all BFT doors and gates that work with BFT Mitto.