ATA PTX-5 TrioCode and B&D Diamond Tri-Tran Remote

Some customers and wholesalers asked, can I use my ATA PTX-5 remote to control B&D latest garage door models? or vise versa?

The common guess is yes, because of the following facts.

Starting from approx. 2009 – two major garage door makers in Australia has switched their remote system to new generation, which is ATA PTX-5 TrioCode for ATA, and B&D Diamond Tri-Tran for B&D.

Since they all belong to Alesco Corporation Limited, many of their replacement parts are trying to be inter-changeable.

As for the remotes, they all employed a encoding and transmitting system, which simultaneously transmitting signals at three different frequencies, which is industry’s first.

But the actual answer is no, they’re not compatible with each other, because of the following.

They are designed to have different manufacturer code to Keeloq encoder, so the two remotes – ATA PTX-5 and B&D Diamond are not inter-changeable.