12V Remote Control Relay Switch RP11 / RM100 Replacement Receiver

If you are looking for simple relay switch to make contact on or off remotely, in projects like home automation, automobile or boat etc. then we would recommend our SR-RCS-201U and SR-RCS-202U receiver, which can power your project with wireless function in a click.

If you have some experience with eBay bestseller RP11 – 12V remote control switch with dry contact, then you can use our SR-RCS-201U together with TX-102 / TX-112 etc transmitter.

Or if your original receiver is RM100 – remote control switch with 12V output, you can use the same kit above, then using simple wire connection technique to power target with 12V power source, as mentioned in previous post.

Our new generation receiver line all features highly adaptive power source range, easy to use programming and latest generation high sensitivity receiver module, which makes our receiver the best selection for new projects 2013 and beyond.