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    I have a Patriot gate and the J2 connector has slots 1(12v+), 2(12v-), 3 (Push button input normally open), 9 (Free exit open input). I have tried the connections on the solid remote with power to power slots and the remote does properly engage both relay 1 and 2 as momentary but I cannot get the gate to function.

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    Would you please send me the link to the manual of your gate opener?
    So I can check the connection, thanks.

    — Also a quick checklist.
    1) use 12vdc to power 202u (if you haven’t done it).
    2) use NO & COM connection (not NC).

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    Ian Kelly

    I sent in the manual but I do not see my reply in this message stream. You can download it from this site – https://www.usautomatic.com/support/manuals

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    Ian Kelly

    Any help here? I have submitted the manual and a link for the manual. I have tried getting the Solidremote product to work but it seems like it simply will not function for gates?

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    Just saw your link, it seems all your messages were caught in spam folder.

    It seems your link doesn’t work right now, anyway I’ve found another pdf at http://www.gatetechsupply.com/images/NEWPAGEPATRIOT1.pdf

    See page 14 of the manual, there is a TERMINAL 3 – push button input,when connect TERMINAL 2 & 3, will your door open / close ?

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    Yes connecting 2 and 3 will open and close the gate.

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    Ian Kelly

    How do I connect 2 and 3 to the soildremote receiver? I need to have 1 and 2 going to the 12v Power, should I split 2 to goto Common and set 3 to NO on the relay?

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    You have 3 wires coming from your control board to our 202U.

    1) +12V connect to our either power input terminal.

    2) GND split into 2 wires
    2.1) Goes to another power input terminal
    2.2) Goes to relay 1’s COM

    3) Control wire goes to relay 1’s NO

    It should work, please let me know.

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    Thanks! That works!
    By the way are there any pin pads or mountable buttons that work with the reciever?

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    Thanks for the update.

    Sorry we only have keyfob remotes, sometimes customer use sticker to make it somewhat mountable.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

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