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    Following included instructions, learn button never flashes/clicks for step 4.

    I know the learn button is working because I erased all codes and used it to program keypad. Remotes both flash blue light and after pressing learn button I hold button a waiting for motor unit to blink but it never happens.

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    Hello Monte,
    Sorry for the trouble,
    Would you please let me know the keypad model that currently works with your door? it can be found on back of keypad (on the label).
    * And you can return anytime for full refund if it not works.

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    Outside Keypad is Craftsman 315

    Model number of opener is Craftsman 139.53985D with orange learn button

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    I might know where the problem is,
    Usually 139.53985D is equipped with a purple learn button, and uses 315Mhz technology.
    We have some customers report about this issue, my guess is, during the production transition (390->315), Liftmaster kept orange button color on their doors, while changed inner circuit to 315Mhz.

    In this case,
    1) Return the remotes for full refund.
    2) Order 315Mhz purple ones instead, it should work.

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    I am not finding the 315 on amazon. Do you have a link

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    Currently out of stock, next batch is in transit to warehouse.

    You might want to check similar remotes from other suppliers.

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    Trying to program a 390 unit with a Chamberlain lift master. Doesnt seem to work.

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    Model number (the opener model number, as well as currently working remote model number if possible) please?
    So I can check, thanks.

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    I have an old craftsman opener with an orange learn button I recently purchased your c-sp-390 and I’ve followed both the learning instructions on the box and the opener itself and neither seems to be working to pair the remot

    Model of opener is 139.53673srt3

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    Hi Carroll,
    From opener model number it seems it should be compatible.
    To identify the problem, do you have a working remote that already paired with door?
    If so, what is the remote’s model number, or can you take a photo?

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    I do not have the actually remote it appears that the previous owner either misplaced it or took it
    Would there happen to be a video somewhere that would show how to set it up?

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    It can be found on YouTube, for example


    Programming should be very simple to follow, just when there is no working remotes, I can’t further identify the problem (e.g. maybe the opener circuit board is broken.)

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    Jay Gosalia

    i just bought C-SP-390 from amazon. i tried to program for orange learn button on my garage opener. it did not work. i have a working remote if it helps to program. my working remote style number is 373P963D.
    please help what i need to do next.

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    Sure Jay,
    After online search, it seems your door is using Security+ 315Mhz remote (because 373P963D is a 315Mhz remote).
    Please return the remotes, and order the correct one instead (usually 315Mhz is for Purple learn buttons).
    Thank you.

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