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BFT TE02 / TEO2 - Replacement Compatible Remote for Garage Doors, Gates and Roller Shutters

Our remote control duplicator is a 4 channel remote that can copy most fixed code remote with DIP switches, compatible with many popular garage door, gate and alarm brands, such as CAME, NICE and DEA.

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Low Cost Alternative - Replacement Remotes for Wholesalers, Garage Gate Installers Locksmiths and Retail Stores
Our stylish remote control duplicator SR-RCD can copy your original easily at a much lower price (1/10 or less). Click Here to browse our universal fixed code clone remotes.
Important: Please order our 433.92MHz clones for this remote.

Special Notice for Identification The Model
Please note: please verify the colour of the buttons on your remote control. This remote has yellow buttons and is not compatible with similar looking remotes with grey, green or red buttons. Please do not confuse with the BFT TRC series with red buttons.

Features / Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: 433.92MHz ±100KHz
  • Working Voltage: 12VDC +20% - 40% with 23A battery
  • Operating Current: 10mA
  • Transmitting Distance: 50-150m (150-500 ft.)
  • Encoding Type: Fixed Code
  • Encoding Method: DIP switch security coding system
  • Battery: 12V 27A Alkaline or 12V 23A Alkaline
  • Enclosure Material: As shown in product photo, plastic or metallic

Looking for Upgrade Garage / Gate Receiver Kit and Accessories?

Compatible with all Solidremote 200 Series Advanced 1/2/4/6/8-Channel Receivers / Solidremote RF Receiver Modules

Solidremote 200 series advanced receivers provide an easy out of the box function to control most universal devices wirelessly, while receiver modules can be easily integrated into your design to provide an optimum performance.

Our latest garage and gate receiver kit family includes SR-RCS-201U single channel compact receiver and SR-RCS-202U two channel mainstream receiver, both featuring excellent flexibility, stability and performance at much lower overall cost compared to original ones.

Product Availability

Eastern Europe, North America, Mid East / Africa, Central / South America, Asia, Western Europe, Australasia

Due to EU regulations, 433MHz transmitters / receivers is preferred in European countries.

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