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The Federal Signal Long Range RF Transmitters are designed for use in wireless remote control applications. When activated with an external dry contact, the transmitter sends a 10-watt, 27.255 MHz digitally-encoded FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) signal to a companion receiver. The Federal Signal Receiver detects the signal, verifies the code and triggers the remote device.

These Long Range Transmitters have full supervision capability. If the Status option is selected, the transmitter sends hourly status signals to its receiver. If these signals stop, the receiver indicates trouble by activating its status output.

Power is supplied to the transmitter by an external 12VDC, ULlisted, Model TXPS Power Supply or by a customer-supplied 12-volt battery. A 3-amp fuse protects the unit from reverse power polarity. If the power supply drops below 10.5 amps, a low battery message will be included in any signal transmitted, causing the receiver’s low battery output to activate.

There are two antennas for the Long Range Transmitters, Models ANT-8 and ANT-36. The ANT-8 is an 8-inch rubber duck antenna for short-range applications (less than one mile). The ANT-8 requires the Model ANT-CON 90 Connector to mate the antenna with the enclosure. The ANT-36 is a three-foot whip antenna for use in long range or difficult installations where greater distances (up to ten miles) are covered.

The Transmitter is available with a single-channel in the Model LTX-1 or four-channels in the Model LTX-4.

The enclosure is rated NEMA Type 3R for outdoor use. These Long Range Radio Control devices are not suitable for life safety applications.