BFT MITTO 2 Button Remote Control Programming

BFT MITTO 2-button remote control 433.92MHz is the most popular BFT Mitto remote control model sold in market, please refer to following document to find how to program BFT Mitto to RIGEL 5 radio receiver board.

Programming BFT Mitto to RIGEL 5 Board Instructions

If you have a RIGEL 5 board with screen, go into the Menu by Pressing OK.

Select RADIO by clicking the + and then clicking OK on RADIO.

Click ADD by pressing OK.

Press OK again. it will say Secret button, press both buttons on the remote at the same time. then press the button you want to use. Press + and - at the same time to exit the radio menu, and again to exit the main menu.  

Or if you have a CLONIX Reciever, use the following instructions online -

If you have no secret button on the back of the remote, where it says press the secret button - instead, press both buttons on the remote control together.
Dear remoteexpert,

Hi Team
Thank-you for your reply.
I have programmed the remote and it worked. However, I have had to reprogram twice as it has stopped working after several weeks.
At some stage I have pressed the wrong buttons on the receiver unit and changed the program somehow.
This has caused the following sequence when following the program procedure.
Please advise how to reset the receiver unit to receive program for remote.

"OK" twice = PARA
"-" twice = RADIO
"OK" = AGG START - note this should be ADJ STRT
"OK" = TASTO NASCOSTO - note this should be Hidden Button
Press both buttons on remote = Nothing Happens
Receiver returns to SUC

Thanks Andy