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Wednesday, December 02, 2015 7:40:35 AM
Solidremote Remote Control Duplicator
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 remote control duplicator learns from genuine key fob at cheaper price, suitable for garage doors, swing or sliding gates and barriers
Français télécommande duplicateur
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 à distance duplicateur de commande apprend de véritable porte-clés à des prix avantageux, adapté pour les portes de garage, balançoire ou les portes coulissantes et les obstacles
Deutsch Remote Control Vervielfältigungsapparat
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 Fernsteuerungsmaschine lernt von echten Schlüsselanhänger zu günstigeren Preis, geeignet für Garagentore, Schaukel und Schiebetore und Schranken
Italiano telecomando duplicatore
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 duplicatore di controllo remoto apprende da genuino portachiavi a un prezzo più economico, adatto per porte da garage, a battente o scorrevoli cancelli e barriere
Português Controle Remoto Duplicator
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 duplicador de controle remoto aprende com genuíno chaveiro a preço mais barato, adequado para portas de garagem, swing ou portões deslizantes e barreiras
русский Пульт дистанционного управления Дубликатор
Solidremote SR-RCD-М1 дубликатор дистанционного управления узнает из натуральной брелока по более дешевой цене, подходит для гаражных ворот, качели или раздвижными воротами и шлагбаумами
Español control Remoto duplicadora
Solidremote SR-RCD-M1 remoto duplicador de control aprende de genuina llavero a un precio más barato, adecuado para puertas de garaje, columpio o puertas correderas y las barreras
2GPF Elettronica PANDIS is an universal multi-frequency cloning remote control duplicator suitable for gates, garage doors and barriers, while ACLUS is fixed frequency 433.92MHz remote control
Apache4ALL remote controls can easily replace your existing genuine remote, XS and XT are capable of copying code from most existing fixed code remote controls, while TX series is compatible with many rolling code models
Chameleon Controls TX MULTI
Chameleon Controls supply tough, stylish and economical replacements for garage door and gate remote controls of all leading manufacturers, such as Beninca, BFT, Sommer and more
Copymandos EVO 433
Copymandos supplies compatible remote controls for garage doors, shutters and other gate automation directly from Spain
EasyGates CLR4000 CL4000
EasyGates CLR4000 or CL4000 is 4-channel remote control that copies 433MHz fixed code gate, garage door and roller shutter remotes, such as Came TOP432S and TOP432NA
M-99 Cloning Remote Control Keyfob
M-99 cloning remote control keyfob is a multi-channel remote control duplicator that can copy up to 4 x 433MHz fixed code remote signals Came Top 432na 434na пульты для ворот и шлагбаумов is Russian website dedicated to sell remote controls from Came automation, such as Came Top 432na / Came Top 434na etc
Remocon Fixed Code Duplicate Remote Control
Tung Shih Technology REMOCON can duplicate a majority of fixed code remote control, REMOCON focus on garage door remote control, vehicle remote control and more
Remocon HCD900 Rolling Code Duplicator
Remocon HCD900 rolling code duplicator is a cloning machine works with many popular hopping code remotes
Retro-Remotes Australia
Retro-Remotes, or known as Remote Fella on eBay, supplies Australia's biggest range of genuine remotes at discounted price for over 6 years
TRADINGALL Electronic is a Spanish company that focus on the market of aftermarket compatible garage door and gate remote controls, light sensors, keypads and receivers
Aprimatic TR2 TR4
Aprimatic TR2 TR4 are 433.92MHz rolling code remote control that can control almost all current Aprimatic automation, such as ONDA 5-800 sliding gate, ZT44 swing gate and T11-T1E control board etc
ATA PTX-4 is a very popular garage and gate remote control made by Automatic Technology Australia, it is still widely used now across Australia
B&D PTX-4 4335A
B&D PTX-4 4335A is used on some older garage doors made by B&D Australia, this model is fully compatible with Liftmaster 4335E sold in Europe
BFT Mitto is 433.92MHz rolling code remote control that can control almost all current BFT garage doors and gates, it has been replaced by newer and fully compatible BFT B RCB TX2 / TX4 remote control
BFT TEO2 is fixed code remote control made by BFT automation, it is still used in some older BFT garage doors and gates
Ditec GOL4 is 4-channel rolling code remote control works with current Ditec automation systems, including garage doors, gates and barriers etc, Ditec GOL4 is with white LED cover
Ditec GOL4C is fixed code remote control, which can be programmed by face to face duplicating, it has red LED cover to distinguish from GOL4
Gliderol TM305C
Gliderol TM305C works with all current garage doors and gates made by Gliderol automation, it is mainly sold in Australia as well as UK and other European countries
NICE FLOR-S is rolling code remote control made by Nice automation, it works well on most current Nice garage doors and gates in Europe, Australia, Russia and other countries
NICE SMILO is rolling code remote control sold by Nice automation in some area, such as Germany, Turkey and some other European countries, it is not as popular as Nice FLOR-S
Other Garage Door Remotes
Instructions and manuals for some other popular garage door and electric gate remotes, such as CAME, Seip, Gibidi and Hormann etc
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